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RFID Tags are made from Inlays
RFID tags are made from RFID inlays. Inlays are the function part of RFID tags. Inlays contain the RFID chip and the antenna that allows the chip to communicate with RFID readers.

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Evolution of Labels, to Tags, to Inlays
The industry has been evolving from RFID labels, to on-pitch tags, to wet inlays. The cost has been dropping all along the way. ADASA will likely be the first companies to reach the milestone of the "5-cent tag". 

Evolution of RFID transponders to wet inlays

The SmartCartridge system easily accommodates the FAT tags and allows easy switching between tag types with the same PAD3500 encoder unit

Easy Integration

The FAT tags are Gen2 compatible and the PAD3500 integrates easily with most RFID software applications making getting started with the ADASA system easy and cost effective.

For more information about how to start using the ADASA PAD3500 mobile encoding system please click here to email our sales department or call 541-359-1677 and request "sales".