Aerial RFID Reader For accurately locating RFID–tagged objects in warehouses and retail sales floors.

Dual  Linear Polarization  902-928 MHz EPC Reader

ADASA’s Aerial RFID reader features a 135g light-weight directional antenna. The DLP915A1 has high RadioClarity®️ because there are no periodic nulls. Conventional CP antennae use a corkscrew rotating electric field to read both horizontal and vertical tag orientations, resulting in polarization misalignments with linearly polarized RFID tags every ¼ wavelength, making return signals faint and noisy, thus preventing accurate determination of asset locations.

Forward Focused, this RFID reader has 7.15db gain with a 22db front-to-back ratio.
It offers a 50 foot maximum read range. Two narrow radio beams having linear polarizations to accurately determine X,Y,Z location of tagged assets. Eliminates location ambiguity and spatial polarization vector noise from the cork screw affect of conventional circularly polarized antennae.