RFID Technology

ADASA was founded in August 2004 and has proven that a small innovative company can have a massive impact on a large industry. Our technology is found in Hundreds of Billions of RFID Tags in retail stores all over the world to support omni-channel retail.

Inventory Visibility

RFID technology makes it possible for retailers to understand what inventory they have and where it is. This has becoming increasingly vital as consumers want to purchase items both in-store and online. Retail sales floors must provide an efficient forward stocking location for delivery or in-store pickup. Buy Online - Pickup Instore is a consumer-oriented retail operational technique that provides nearly instant gratification to shoppers.

Over the past 20 years, ADASA has identified and solved key problems that have prevented the RFID industry from reaching its full potential. Our first contribution was the creation of "hip encoders" that provided realtime RFID tag creation at the point of need. This proved to be important for retail store "tag-ups" in the early years of compliance with retailer mandates.

Changing future

The future involves the use of more RFID technology and more RFID scanning robots to improve retail efficiency and heighten customer delight.